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Game Collecting

My collection of board games has grown to the point where I have to sell old games to make shelf space for new games.

Games For Sale
A list of the games that I have for sale or trade at any given time. If I don't get any buyers for these games, they will probably go to eBay before long.
Game Grading Guidelines
Whether I'm selling on eBay or through contacts from Boardgame Geek, I want my buyers to know what they're getting. I use these guidelines to describe the condition of my games.
Game Parts Inventories
If you buy games secondhand, this game parts inventory archive may help you determine if your new game is missing pieces. Still a pretty small list, but it will grow soon.

Nearly Award-Winning Original Games

I've designed a few games since I became a quasi-serious gamer a few years ago.

House of Doors
Wacky door-swingin', piece-trappin' fun!
2003 Shared Pieces Game Design Competition Finalist
Robo Battle Pigs
An simple robotic combat game you can play using stuff you already own.
2001 8x8 Game Design Competition Finalist (Fake Press Release)

Classic Strategy Games

You don't have to pay big bucks for a great strategy board game. Here are rules and printable boards for some of my favorites.

Nine Mens Morris
An ancient three-in-a-row game.
Connect two sides of the board while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

Online Games

I make my living as a programmer, so it's only natural that I have written a few web-based amusements.

A classic-style arcade game to play in your browser. Written by Chouser and me. This game is hosted on Chouser's site.
The Online Name Game
A wildly fun, interactive, online experience you have to see to believe. Okay, it's only mildy entertaining, but look at it anyway.


Scrabble-Tiled Game Table
I'm making a game table covered with Scrabble tiles. You can help.
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