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Games For Sale

I often sell board games on eBay (see if I have any auctions going right now). This page lists games that are for sale or trade that I have not yet put on eBay. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these titles, shoot me an e-mail. If you want to check my game selling reputation, you can look at my eBay feedback or I can give you an e-mail address for one of my non-eBay customers.

For Sale or Trade

Click "info" to read more about the game on Boardgame Geek. The game grades (excellent, near mint, etc.) are explained on my Game Grading Guidelines page. All games are 100% complete unless otherwise stated. Prices to not include shipping. I accept money orders, cashier's checks, and non-credit card PayPal payments.

3M Bookshelf Games

Facts In Five 3M info $15. Good. Missing some letters and timer
Feudal 3M 1967 info $12. Good. Missing at least two soldiers. Includes a printout of the rules.
Oh-Wah-Ree 3M info $12. Good.

Family Games

Compatibility Mattel 1996 info $30. Excellent. Missing one yellow card (the cross), and one "double up", which you can do without.
Enchanted Forest Ravensburger (Discovery Toys edition) 1987 info $10. Very Good.
Stratego Milton Bradley early 1970s info $12. Excellent. Plastic pieces, apparently never played

War Games

Kreigspiel Avalon Hill 1970 info $10.

Very Good.

Luftwaffe Avalon Hill 1971 info $7.
Midway Avalon Hill 1975 info $10.

Electronic Games

None for sale at this time.

I've also got some games that I'm using for parts. If you need a part for a listed game, email me for availability.

Game Parts

13 Dead End Drive Board, box, rules, most traps, cards and tokens
Acquire 3M 1968 1 blank black tile (put whatever number on it you need!), 2 Luxor stock certificates with white backs
Advance to Boardwalk Parker Brothers Dice, cards, board, box, some tokens
a-MAZE-ing Labyrinth Ravensburger 1986 Most tiles, cards, board, original rules
Bazaar 3M some rate cards, many wares cards and tokens, plastic tray
Domination Milton Bradley 1982 most everything
Enchanted Forest Ravensburger Newer red version Everything except for a couple of trees
Facts In Five 3M many cards and letter tiles, plastic tray
Feudal 3M Most soldiers, board, setup screen, boxes
Finance Parker Bros 1962 original rules
Hero Quest TSR 1991 Nearly everything
Lie Detector Mattel 1980s version Most parts
Regatta Avalon Hill Boards, rules, some yachts and bouys, spinnaker cards
Star Wars Monopoly Most parts except miniatures

Games I Want

If you'd like to trade games with me, here are some that I'm interested in finding. Of course, if you have something interesting that's not on my list, I'm open to suggestions.

3M Gamettes

Game parts I need

I'll pay you cash money for any of these parts, or take parts as (partial) payment for any of my sale games.

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