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Old News

Every now and then, the Cox-TV website gets updated. The latest update will be featured as the "News Flash" on the main page. Old News Flashes are archived here.

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A few days ago we started including some Google Ads in some of our pages. We will strive to keep them unobstrusive... but not too unobtrusive. :)
This or That? kicks off on December 1. Don't miss it!
Cox-TV has moved to a new web host: DreamHost. Their "Crazy Domain Insane" package is more web space and bandwidth than Cox-TV would ever need.
Cox-TV is in the process of switching hosting companies. As a result, a few things may be wonky right now (e.g. the Snapshots section is broken). Everything will be working soon.
Cox-TV Grand Re-Opening!
I hope you like the new design. Please let me know if you discover any problems.
Watch this space. Big changes are right around the corner.
Tobias Parker Cox has arrived! See pictures of the latest Cox Kid in the Snapshots section.
The Spam Master is dead! Long live the Cox-TV Email Bot! Through no fault of it's own, the Super Spam Master 4000 was getting the attention of less-than-well-meaning individuals. To combat this I've changed the name to the Cox-TV Email Bot and now require email confirmation for signing up (double opt-in).
New interactive feature! The Book Report now allows you to leave comments that display in a sidebar. Be the first to leave a comment!
New books have been added to The Book Report.
2003-09-30 is now on a new server. Everything except for the fancy database-backed features (Old News and the Spam Master 4000) should be back online. See Blog for details.
Cox-TV has been moved to a new server to allow us to do some cooler stuff. Unfortunately, some stuff was lost in the transition; specifically, all of the databases. :( I will be working to restore the database structures over the next week or so, but those of you who have signed up for the Spam Master 4000 will have to do it again. Sorry.
News Flashes and the Old News page are now dynamically updated from a database. This act is both total overkill, and a turning point in Cox-TV history. It is the dawn of a new age of dynamically-generated shows, all for the benefit of you, the Cox-TV viewer.
Snapshots, our new photography program, has been added to the permanent show schedule. It has replaced Our Old House, which has been running reruns for several years and was getting terrible ratings.
Also, due to an overwhelming number of viewer requests, we've created a new reality show called Blog. Will it receive sufficient ratings to allow it to last beyond the summer replacement season? Time will tell.
Introducing Game Parts Inventories, a new feature in Games People Play.
Minor updates have been made to Baby Two, Biography, The Book Report, and Game Reviews. Also, many of the pages will undergo formatting changes in the next several weeks.
Brand new, never-before-seen footage has been added to our newest hit show, Baby Two, starring Samantha Marie Cox.
2002-04-19 now is using proper web hosting. No longer will the website be stuck in a frame, with the innards pointing to our local ISP. (What? You didn't notice it was like that before?)
After several months of production delays, Cox-TV is happy to announce a brand new show: Baby Two. Featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and hard-hitting interviews, this is a program you won't want to miss.
Randy finds work at Interactive Intelligence! As a member of Developer Support, he will assist in tracking down high-priority software bugs that have been reported by users.
The Ethan Show has had a major update. Don't miss the portraits by the amazing Kim Cart!
Robo Battle Pigs is one of seven finalists for the 2001 8x8 Game Design Competition. Check out the press release for more details!
Hex, the second in our series of classic strategy board games, has been added to Games People Play!
Games People Play has a new section of rules and printable boards for classic strategy games. The first featured game is Nine Mens Morris.
What do you think? You can now add comments to The Book Report and Game Reviews. This feature will be added to other pages in the next few weeks. [NOTE: This feature has been removed. --RKC 09/30/2003]
Classic-style arcade action in your web browser! Check out M-Blaster in Games People Play.
New photos are now available in The Ethan Show.
Check out our new show, The Book Report, featuring discussions of some of our favorite books.
A new original game has been added to Games People Play. Be the first on your block to play Robo Battle Pigs!
Now you can reach this website at our new domain:!
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