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Executive Summary

Keep it clean. Be nice. Don't post anything that might come back to haunt you. If you need more detailed guidelines, keep reading.

Kid Friendly is intended to be a kid-friendly website. To that end, if you post a comment on any page of the website, please phrase your comments so that it would be okay for my (sheltered and innocent) kids to read. Unacceptable language includes pretty much anything that would get kids in trouble for saying to their teacher at school. Keep in mind that you can use perfectly innocuous words and still not be kid friendly if the content itself is questionable.

Is this overly restrictive? I don't think so. If you can't make your point without being profane, then you're simply not trying.

Agree to disagree

Insulting other users because their opinions differ from yours is immature behavior. If you believe that your position on a given topic is the correct one, please use whatever pursuasive arguments you desire to try to prove your point. Namecalling is not pursuasive, it's just a fast way to lose credibility with other users.

We can enjoy lively discussion with others even if not everyone agrees. If we all had the same opinions then the conversations would be boring! Be civil.


If I (i.e. Randy, the owner and maintainer of this website) decide that a comment goes beyond what I consider to be the boundary of good taste, I reserve the right to delete or modify it. In fact, I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason. If your comment is generally good but includes a word that I don't like, then I might [BLEEP] it. I promise not to change the meaning of what you wrote.

Ownership and Attribution

Any comments posted to any page within become the property of to be used however we want. The authors will be credited wherever possible.

Complaints and Greivances

If you don't like these guidelines or the way this site is run, you can get your own website.