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This or That?

Two choices. Zero context. Infinite fun!

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How to come up with creative polls

We appreciate all of your suggestions. Without them, ToT would not have lasted long! As you're thinking of new poll ideas, consider what type of poll it is. Some types are inherently more interesting than others. Here are some examples:


Examples: Coke or Pepsi? PC or Mac?

It's a legit poll, but it isn't a particularly difficult choice for most people, and it will probably not lead to very good discussion. If we run too many of these, ToT is going to become much less interesting.

Unpleasant Choices

Examples: Burning or Drowning? Paper cut or Splinter?

Choosing either one makes you feel uncomfortable. It's truly a difficult choice because you would prefer to not experience either one!

Replacing "and" with "or"

Examples: Peanut butter or Jelly? Rock or Roll? Guns or Roses?

Our world is filled with things that are almost always found together; separate them! How could you possibly have one without the other? It's inconceivable!

Similar names for dissimilar things

Examples: Count Basie or Count Chocula? U-2 or V-2?

The only relation between the two choices is just in how they are named. It makes for a silly poll, but one that is interesting and memorable.

Find two choices in the name of one thing

Examples: Napoleon or Dynamite? Dodge or Caravan?

Here we have turned one thing (the name of a movie character or a minivan) into a totally unrelated and unlikely poll (a military leader or an explosive?, an evasive action or a camel train?).

Clever wordplay

Examples: Horseplay or Coldplay? Chai tea or Tai-chi?

These are often silly polls since the choices are very dissimilar, but the cleverness of the choices makes it a good poll. This is our favorite kind of poll because it's hard to come up with really good ones.

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