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Good Night or Good Luck?
12/01/2009, Submitted by Randy
Good Night 47.5%
Good Luck 52.5%
566 votes

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59 comments for Good Night or Good Luck?


SnowCat said:

2009-12-01 01:41:40, posting from

Due to the fact that we are +- 8 hours ahead of America, it would only make sense that I will be the first to vote. I had to go with good luck as I am sure that it is what will follow all of us.

On a more serious note: I would like to thank everyone for the great friendship I've been showed here. It didn't matter who I was or where I was from, I always felt welcome. I am glad that there is a Google group available to us, but it still with sadness that I bid This or That goodnight.


mama K said:

2009-12-01 01:43:05, posting from

1st comment on the last poll. I couldn't sleep, did not have a good night, so good luck it is. Good Luck to Randy and Jen, and the whole Cox family, including mama Cox of course! Good luck to all of our regulars present, and past. Good luck to all of the folks that just dropped in to our amazing little Totopolis now and then. Good luck, and God bless!


mama K said:

2009-12-01 01:44:14, posting from

LOL, see Flak, now it's my turn to be 2nd!


mama K said:

2009-12-01 01:45:28, posting from



mama K said:

2009-12-01 01:53:55, posting from

I have decided to indulge myself today, and stroll down memory lane of ToTopolis. I encourage everyone else to do the same! The following is one of my favorite posts:
Here is my version. The year was 1985, the place, Las Vegas Nevada. Jeremy Stockwell had the good fortune, and misfortune of attending the heavy weight boxing championship. He was seated in the front row, ringside. Amazing seats which he had won from a local radio contest by doing the best Mike Tyson impersonation! He also had the fortune/misfortune of being seated next to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee! The fight was very exciting, and Jeremy was having a great time, when he decided he was thirsty. He was trying to get the attention of a beer vendor in the next isle over. He was holding up his money, and the vendor was trying to pass him his beer. Unfortunately, Jeremy is a little klutzy, and right when the beer was in front of Pamela, Jeremy fumbled the beer, and it spilt all over Ms. Andersons ample bossoms, at which point, Jeremy tried to grab for the drink, and....well, let's say, groped the wrong thing(s)! This is when Mr. Tommy Lee, being the Verile male that he is came to the aide of the fair young Pamela, grabbing Jeremy by the collar, and was about to pound him into oblivion! Unbelievably, the main fight in the ring was continuing on! Mike Tyson wasn't doing very well, and in an effort to not lose face, because he would need it down the road for major tattoo work, he became enraged, and took a huge bite off of his opponent's ear! At the same moment Jeremy was going to be beaten to a pulp, Mike Tyson turned his head, and spat the chunk of "ear" right into Tommy Lee's eye, temporarily blinding him, and forcing him to release poor Jeremy so that he could run cowering into the Las Vegas night! The End


paul fankhauser, This or That? deputy admin, said:

2009-12-01 02:16:43, posting from

My favorite ToT post:

Holy smoke! That was Paul Fankhauser!! Hi Paul!

The beginning of a wonderful thing. Long live ToT.


Someone Who is French said:

2009-12-01 04:50:40, posting from

Good luck. I'm going to miss ToT, and I hope that good luck will follow our google group and everyone, including myself, will not forget about it.

I have to leave for school now, I'll have to find my favorite ToT post later.


Roland T. Flakfizer said:

2009-12-01 05:07:59, posting from

Ok ToTer's - today is the last day. So even though my time here was short lived, I enjoyed sharing with all of you. And though we have never met, I consider everyone here my friend, so I leave you with a little quote from Mr. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

-Yes, we must ever be friends; and of all who offer you friendship let me be ever the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest!-

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, loves and fears with me. I couldn't choose between the two because today is the last poll, so in the words of Edward R. Murrow - "Good Night, and Good Luck."


Pistol Packin' Librarian said:

2009-12-01 06:13:35, posting from

I voted for good night, but that's only because we don't say "good luck" in our family.

I don't know if I have a favorite ToT post, but there have been some really interesting ones. I enjoyed making up stories of how Jesse Jackson saved Paul Fanhauser's life ... and how various other celebrities saved other ToTers lives.
The evil twin "controversy" between Jeremy and Jeremie.
I have enjoyed sharing my list of "things that are white that I don't like".

Most of all I have truly enjoyed getting to know all of you. We are a unique community.
"I know someone who lives in Washington who went to college in Indiana!"
"I know a Jew who lives in a podunk town in Indiana - and there's even another Jew who lives on her street!"
"I know a girl in Michigan who loves to write!"
"I know a guy who can build a boat out of junk!"
"I know someone who lives in Africa!"
And on and on and on ...


Mission Minded Momma said:

2009-12-01 06:49:48, posting from

I wish I had something witty or profound to say on our last day here in ToTopolis, but I have nothing. So, I'll just say thank you to everyone for the fun polls, the lively conversations, and, most importantly, the friendship.

There are so many good memories... Randy dressed as a super hero trying to fight off a skunk, all of the "missions" Gia sent us on to keep ToTopolis safe from the evil elves, the Seinfeldisms, and the mandatory OTP... the list goes on and on. It's been an awesome ride!


Avrille said:

2009-12-01 06:54:32, posting from

Good luck to all. I'm all choked up - such an inspired choice! Thanks for being a very special part of our life.


Mom Cox said:

2009-12-01 06:55:33, posting from

Although I didn't often comment, I always enjoyed voting and reading others comments on ToT. It will be sad not being able to check the postings while I am at work. I am soooo proud of Randy for developing ToT and for being able to bring so many strangers together. I don't know if he ever thought ToT would become so wide spread. I think that is so COOL! I LOVE YOU, RANDY!!


MaryGayleDeepintheHeartofTexas said:

2009-12-01 07:58:51, posting from

Good luck was my selection. It has been fun.

I will miss you guys but, if you want to vote or comment in a less fabulous format, subscribe to the Google group ToTers.


Gia said:

2009-12-01 08:25:08, posting from

First let me say that this is a perfect choice for a last poll.

I tried to think of something to say, something that would be meaningful enough. I found only two answers.
I love you, all of you.
Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.


mama K said:

2009-12-01 09:35:55, posting from

Perfect Gia.


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2009-12-01 10:33:56

The ToT Numbers Game

What do these numbers represent? I'll post the answers tomorrow.

  • 3

  • 1,096

  • 1

  • 146,006

  • 33,537

  • 80

  • 2,081

  • 215

  • 7,724

  • 78

  • 1,115


Gia said:

2009-12-01 11:57:31, posting from

I don't know what more of them are, but I'm going to say that 1 is the number of days that we missed completely (which is true), 146006 is the total number of votes (which is plausible) and 33537 in the total number of comments (which is a stretch).


emilyisabella said:

2009-12-01 12:14:30, posting from

Can't forget when SWIF got a little carried away with her name:

triSwiftTheSwiftasaurus rex the Orange Crayon, Alien Vampire, Black and White cookie, Chinese Checkers playing, Reggae listening, Mustard and Cilantro eating, Romanticist Brownie, Monkey-owning Comma Crocodile who is 52% Politically Radical said:


emilyisabella said:

2009-12-01 12:36:59, posting from

1096: number of polls run
80: number of polls submitted by Jeremy
7724: number of unused submitted polls
3: number of times Gia sent out a search party to look for Randy because the poll was that late
3: number of in-person meet-ups of those who "met" in ToTland
215: number of distinct commenters
78: number of people who have had their poll run
1: number of times a ToTer Randy had never met called Randy's house (After realizing the video said caller posted included something against the ToT family-style guidelines, he urgently tried to get a hold of Randy to ask that Randy remove the video.)


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2009-12-01 12:50:11

Good guesses, Gia and emilyisabella. I forgot about Todd calling my house. Funny!


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2009-12-01 13:21:16

Here are some more numbers that I won't make you wait for:

  • There have been 17 tied polls.

  • The first poll option won 55% of the time.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-12-01 13:48:11, posting from

Good choice for the last day, Randy.

Feels like this belong here:

The "official" music video/song of ToT

"You could go with this or You could go with that -- You could go with this or You could go with that -- You could go with this or You could go with that..."


It's been real, ya'll.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-12-01 14:08:07, posting from

One of my favorite posts.

Ooh -- THIS is a good one, too! (the final post on the page by Sir Deputy)

215 = Number of times Sir Deputy called Jeremy Stockwell a JERK! Except that is likely to change between now and tomorrow....hmmm.


Alkaraina said:

2009-12-01 16:45:00, posting from

I chose Good Night because it doesn't sound quite as final as Good Luck. But I do wish all of you the best of luck as well as a great night. I enjoyed the polls and the postings also. It was a lot of fun.


mama K said:

2009-12-01 16:49:16, posting from

Do you all remember going back in the archives and finding that one weird 1st poll that didn't really exist, and feeling like we found a secret place on some other planet? "Hello o o o o o! Is anyone there er er er?" (echo in the secret place) ;)


Kairos said:

2009-12-01 17:10:21, posting from

Good Luck. I'll miss this site so much :(

I hope to see you all at the Google group! I'm back at school and busy as anything, but I'll pop in occasionally.


mama K said:

2009-12-01 19:03:17, posting from

I just want to wish Phreddie a Happiest of Happy Birthdays tomorrow, since there won't be a tomorrow here. She and Toquey were the only ToTalitarians I ever got to meet. That was definitely one of my favorite memories from ToT! I was so happy every time anyone else got to meet another fellow ToTer, what amazing things have come out of this site! Thank you so much Randy for giving us all this little corner of the world to share with such wonderful people!


mama K said:

2009-12-01 19:08:45, posting from

It's 10:04 p.m. here in Ohio. I'm not sure who else is here, but I want to give every single one of you, even if you haven't submitted a comment, a great big virtual hug. I'm not usually at a loss for words, but my sadness has drained me. You'll never know what this family has meant to me. I love you all, past and present, and will never forget our ToT.


mama K said:

2009-12-01 19:09:46, posting from

OTP, and out.


Gia said:

2009-12-01 19:16:42, posting from

*Hugs Mama Kurian*


Paul Fankhauser, This or That? deputy admin, said:

2009-12-01 19:22:59, posting from



Pistol Packin' Librarian said:

2009-12-01 19:24:41, posting from

Good night all .... I love you!


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2009-12-01 19:38:11

Did you know that when I first made this site there was no user comment feature? In fact, one of the polls I ran with my little group of testers before the site officially launched was "Add a comment feature or Don't add a comment feature?". I originally thought that people would enjoy visiting the site to vote on the poll of the day and to see the result of the previous day's poll, and that would be that. In hindsight, I can't imagine that anyone would go to the trouble of visiting such a site everyday.

So I threw in the commenting part as an afterthought. And you all are what happened.

Thanks for making the last three years a lot of fun.


Someone Who is French said:

2009-12-01 19:40:05, posting from

It is too hard to pick a best comment or post. There are so many memorable ones...the clogging series, Jeremy vs. Paul, Swiss Miss or Little Debbie. Any of them, really, save for the political discussions.

@MamaK...and everyone - I send my hugs and best wishes. See you all tomorrow on the Google Group.


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2009-12-01 19:55:28

I'll post the answers to the numbers game on the Google Group. If you want to know what 1115 has to do with ToT (I think you'll be shocked--I know I was), you'll need to read the group tomorrow.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-12-01 20:21:46, posting from

That's more like it, Sir Deputy.

Good call on adding the comment function, Randy.


Sally said:

2009-12-01 20:26:35, posting from

Aww, I missed the group hug! Sorry I'm late! I'll miss this site, but at least we still have google groups.

I chose good night because I don't believe in luck and a good night is better than a bad one.

If anyone is ever in Ardmore, OK send me an email and I might be able to meet up with you! You can find my email on google groups ToT.


SnowCat said:

2009-12-01 22:01:59, posting from

Here it's the 2nd already, but fortunatly for me it is still the 1st somewhere. I read through all the comments, and have such a huge lump in throat now. I think I will miss Gia's grammer comments the most, I had laughed out loud at Paul's comments many a time. Even my daughters is sad that ToT is ending because we always had our own mini poll at night, which caused some funny comments being made by my two teens. I think that is what I will miss the most.............. Thanks for everything Randy.


Toquey said:

2009-12-02 03:22:24, posting from

Thanks for everything! I very much enjoyed being able to read and comment on a funny, intelligent, and family friendly place on the internet. It is amazing and unique on the internet. I know passed along your birthday wishes for Phreddie mama K. She has not been able to get on as much as she would have liked lately.

I like good night because I love to sleep! It also indicates the coming of a new day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHREDDIE!( Marilyn ), I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


michchick said:

2009-12-02 04:22:04, posting from

Randy- I'm going to guess that 3 is the lowest number of comments for any one poll. 1096 or 2081 might be the number of unique users or ISP addresses.


michchick said:

2009-12-02 04:33:04, posting from

Truly, this is one of the most unique groups ever. I don't have anything signifigant or profound to say that hasn't already been said (I'm late to the party!) except that I can add how much this little place has meant to me.

Like Snowcat, my family 'got involved' because they'd hear me outright laughing or chuckling over something (elven adventures?) and ask what was so funny. It was because he had so many comments of his own to make that my son had begged me to start posting on his own.

Thanks everyone for this opportunity to get to know many of you over the last few years- Good Night and Good Luck my friends and I hope to see everyone on the ToTers group!


Pat said:

2009-12-02 05:49:27, posting from

Glad I made it over to vote on the final poll!

I was one of the original 12 (or however many of us there were). It was a fun way for a few college friends to connect. Then, unbelievably, it turns out that people who had never met any of us thought ToT was pretty cool. (I guess it's actually believable--because everything Randy does is cool!) It was great to see the community that grew around ToT.

Unfortunately as my job responsibilities grew, my posting at ToT became rare--and seemed to be timed around breaks at the university. But ToT has always held a fond place in my heart. Great job, Randy. Great job, ToTers. I will miss knowing that somewhere there is place with two choices, zero context, and infinite fun just waiting for my return.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-12-02 06:10:55, posting from

Holy smoke! That was Pat Hannon!! Hi Pat!


It's funny that SnowCat and michchick mentioned about their families getting involved with ToT. Occasionally, my oldest child would ask "What was today's This or That?" If I could remember, we we have our own "evening mini-poll" among ourselves.


jason r. totten said:

2009-12-02 06:31:47, posting from

Good Luck. Take care everyone! I'm glad to get to chat with some of you on plurk, and elsewhere.



Kid Vicious said:

2009-12-02 10:20:25, posting from

Farewell, ToT :(


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2009-12-02 11:00:23

Kid! I was wondering what had happened to you. Go join the ToTers Google Group and let us know what you've been up to.


Sally said:

2009-12-02 20:35:00, posting from

Good Night everyone.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-12-03 14:01:38, posting from

[turns out lights]


Rob said:

2009-12-04 05:39:49, posting from


Gia said:

2009-12-08 19:06:05, posting from



RGbrainstorm said:

2010-01-15 22:19:29, posting from

This is absolutely heart breaking. I used to be a regular but haven't been here in a couple of years. Then when I come back, it's all over.

Cox family rules.

Good night; there's no such thing as luck.


Someone once said:

2010-06-08 16:34:19, posting from

Goodbye, this will be missed
and good luck with whatever comes next.


Sally said:

2010-06-11 00:29:59, posting from



Samantha said:

2010-10-12 10:24:05, posting from

It's always good luck. You may not have a good night or a good day, but good luck for the future is always welcome.


Bowties said:

2010-12-26 14:30:00, posting from

I used to come on here a lot...
I haven't been on here since before it ended, it seems.
I didn't know it was over.


Theo said:

2012-12-29 14:54:25, posting from

Christ. This takes me back...


Gia said:

2015-06-29 13:10:10, posting from

I had a dream last night that somehow involved ToT. I have spent the last two hours looking through polls and feeling nostalgic.


Randy said:

2015-06-29 14:36:45, posting from

Hi, Gia! I'm not confident that I have your email address. Can you contact me through the "Contact" page, or maybe direct message me on Twitter (@randykcox)? I'd love to catch up with you.


Sam said:

2016-05-31 19:12:53, posting from

I don't know any of you but it's cool that your still here after all these years. Stay real and keep rockin'.

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