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Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett?
06/26/2009, Submitted by Jeremy Stockwell
Michael Jackson 51.8%
Farrah Fawcett 48.2%
83 votes

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18 comments for Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett?


emilyisabella30 said:

2009-06-26 00:11:33, posting from

I don't have the stomach to vote in this one. It's at zero zero right now. Oh, dear. It's Friday isn't it.


Sally said:

2009-06-26 00:19:51, posting from

If Michael had had a happier life I might have voted for him. They both had their tragedies, but Michael's seemed more lifelong.


SnowCat said:

2009-06-26 00:27:06, posting from

Sad Poll today Jeremy :( I voted for Michael, if we forget all about the controvercy all the hoopla then we can all agree that this is a very sad day for music.

I now know how my mother's generation felt when Elvis died.


Paul Fankhauser, This or That? deputy admin, said:

2009-06-26 00:42:38, posting from

Before I saw that Randy had already set this poll, I was thinking about seeing if there was a way to do ToT's first visual poll:


because for these two, it's so very much about being icons.

My take?

Michael Jackson was a freak, and that was in large part because of the way so many people took advantage of such a gifted, talented young kid. That does not excuse anything he did as a result of that, but I have to wonder how he would have turned out had he been surrounded by responsible people who protected him.

Farrah Fawcett was a mediocre actress and worldwide sex symbol, but because her life was built around her appearance, I find it that much more impressive how transparent she was at the end, allowing the world into her process of dying, because it's so rare that we talk about death with honesty and candor that I think 20 years from now that documentary may be as familiar a part of her legacy as that poster.

So for bravery and courage -- with which Michael could have certainly had a different last couple of decades -- my vote went to Farrah.

384 points to Stockwell for being the ONLY one to suggest this poll.


Paul Fankhauser, This or That? deputy admin, said:

2009-06-26 00:58:56, posting from

For what it's worth, I was too young for Farrah to have had any influence on my hormone levels. But we didn't have cable when I was growing up, so we had to go to the neighbor's house to watch the premiere of the Thriller video. The anticipation worldwide was huge and by the time it came on we were so excited and curious and it went so far beyond anything we expected or had ever seen, that moment will be forever burned into my memory, on the same level, I think, as other "where were you when" moments (Challenger explosion, Reagan being shot, 9-11, etc.)

I feel really old to say it, but you kids with the YouTubes and the iPods and the Hulu and the video everywhere will probably never understand how much of all of that came directly from that moment.


Paul Fankhauser, This or That? deputy admin, said:

2009-06-26 01:00:22, posting from


[tips his hat forward, grabs his . . . belt buckle, and moonwalks off the screen]


SnowCat said:

2009-06-26 01:24:00, posting from

@ Paul could not agree with you more.

Told my daughter that MJ passed away just now, had to wait so long cause she is busy with exams, she is 14. She and her friends was in total shock, they don't know who Farrah was, it just goes to show what impact MJ had on all ages.



SnowCat said:

2009-06-26 01:26:20, posting from

last post ...... hope everyone have a wonderfull weekend. I'm off till Monday, start my new job Thursday can't wait.


mama K said:

2009-06-26 03:04:41, posting from

I'm with SnowCat. If you put all the weirdness aside, MJ's impact on the world far surpassed anything anyone has seen since Elvis. I saw him in concert, the Black and White concert to be exact, and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! His talents were so far above everyone else, it makes me very sad we will never experience anymore of his magic ever again.


Hope said:

2009-06-26 05:29:31, posting from

I had to vote for the king of pop.

I've only really heard of Farrah Fawcett.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-06-26 08:33:27, posting from

Sir Deputy, please award yourself some points for an amazing three posts in a row!

Thanks to Randy for shuffling the Friday poll to accommodate this timely FGF. I can't believe I was the only one to suggest it.

Watching the coverage last night was inspiring and disgusting all at the same time. I'm not sure there was this much news coverage when Ronald Reagan died.

Both of these people made an impact on our popular culture, to be sure, but MJ gets my vote. Such a long-lasting career and legacy.

None of us are Saints. We have our successes; we have our failures.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-06-26 10:33:39, posting from

I didn't know about the "no nipples" policy at ToT, but I'm more than willing to adhere to it.



Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-06-26 10:34:05, posting from


So There!!


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2009-06-26 11:33:54, posting from

Tied up @ 18 votes a piece.


Someone Who is French said:

2009-06-26 12:54:50, posting from

Such shocking news last night. I'm still numbed. I don't want to believe MJ is dead. Though...weird to say the least, he had the talent of twenty. Rest in peace Michael and Farrah.


Paul Fankhauser, This or That? deputy admin, said:

2009-06-26 12:57:54, posting from

Hey! It was cold!

Thanks for keeping things family-friendly, Stockwell.


Paul Fankhauser, This or That? deputy admin, said:

2009-06-26 13:01:47, posting from

Heck, I'll at least award myself 25 points for those rambling, run-on, anti-Stockwellian sentences. 50 points to Stockwell for reading them and not falling asleep!


michchick said:

2009-06-26 13:40:59, posting from

I remember in my Social Problems class in high school (aka Sociology 3) we watched quite a few of Farrah's 'movie-of-the-week'.

Let's see...there was The Burning Bed where she played an abused woman who murdered her husband, there was Murder in Texas about an adulterous husband, then there was the abuse-ridden Extremities and we can't forget Small Sacrifices where she killed her kids.

Scary part was they were all based on true stories...

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