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Mr. Rogers or Mr. T?
03/15/2008, Submitted by Shaolin_sKunk
Mr. Rogers 61.4%
Mr. T 38.6%
166 votes

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113 comments for Mr. Rogers or Mr. T?


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 00:17:03, posting from

Let's see, the choice is between a guy who wears more jewelry than I own, or a guy who hosted a fun children's program for years and years - and is still watched in our house today.
I voted for the guy with the trolley.


Sally said:

2008-03-15 00:27:20, posting from

Mr. T is funny. I never really liked Mr. Rogers. I think it was how slow he talked. Yes, I know he talks that way for children, but even when he wasn't hosting his show he seemed to talk like that. The prank caller soundboards for him are funny though.

Mr. Rogers: Have you lost a kitty?
Man: No.
Mr. Rogers: Well I have it.



Sally said:

2008-03-15 00:29:45, posting from

Click my name for Mr. Rogers Prank Call.


Kid Vicious said:

2008-03-15 00:37:19, posting from

Mr. Rogers scares me.


Theo said:

2008-03-15 01:29:49, posting from


He's not as good as Mr.Norris, but he's on the cover of the new snickers bar.
That makes him amazing.

Umm... Who's Mr.Rogers?


Theo said:

2008-03-15 01:32:51, posting from


He's not as good as Mr.Norris, but he's on the cover of the new snickers bar.
That makes him amazing.

Umm... Who's Mr.Rogers?


Theo said:

2008-03-15 01:34:58, posting from

Ah. Sorry for the double sending folks. My laptop is being strange.

Quick question though - Are any of you Americans sad enough to still play video games like I do? It's just I've been dying to try out Animal Crossing: Wild World across the continents! The furthest I've played with is a mile away.


Kama said:

2008-03-15 03:11:09, posting from

Mr Rogers!!!! He babysat for my kids while I cooked dinner. I loved Miss. Henrietta Pussy Cat. The kids prefered Seseame Street. They liked the faster pace. May Mr. Rogers rest in peace. Slow talk and all.


mama K said:

2008-03-15 05:35:53, posting from

My kids never cared for Mr. Rogers, but they don't even know who Mr. T was!


michchick71 said:

2008-03-15 06:06:50, posting from

@ Theo..there's a Wii in our house that gets played constantly. Right now they're plying Super Mario Galaxy and later at my son's birthday party he's getting Super Smash Brothers Brawl. However, my favorite is Lego Star Wars Saga! Sadly, I'm 36 and play that game an awful lot. We also like the Trauma Center games. :)


Theo said:

2008-03-15 06:20:14, posting from

Michchick - I AM SO ENVIOUS!!! Super Smash Bros Brawl hasn't even been released in England yet!!! I love the originals. Super Mario Galaxy is hard... Even though I have a walkthrough. I haven't played Lego Star Wars Saga or Trauma Canter... I'll see if I can play them. Argh. I would've ordered the American super smash bros brawl but it won't work on an English wii.


Gia said:

2008-03-15 06:22:03, posting from

Mr. Rogers has a lot of sweaters, which is a good thing, but they are all very plain, which displeases me.


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 07:41:42, posting from

I play the animal crossing game on DS. But I have not played in a LONG time, lol. I have super smash brawl, it is so much fun! I played with my nephew, and he beat the tar out of me, he is nine! That kid is going to be a genius when he gets older and probably some type of video game designer.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 07:47:18, posting from

mama K, I pity the fool that don't know who Mr. T is. (LOL - that's how he talked). Do you remember a show called "The A-Team"? He was on that.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 07:50:54, posting from

Theo, I don't even own a game system. I do play Hoyle games on my computer. One disk has board games, and the other has word games (it's my favorite). Sheesh, I must be a grown up or something. LOL


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 07:55:36, posting from

Theo, Mr. Rogers is a man who had a children's TV show. Here is a link to the page Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. I hope I remembered how to do that.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 07:58:05, posting from

Well crud, apparently I didn't remember. "Here"


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 07:58:49, posting from

I give up. You can copy and paste this:
= )


KATTEE said:

2008-03-15 08:15:14, posting from

I would be Mr. Rogers neighbor.


Daniel said:

2008-03-15 08:43:25, posting from

Mr. Rogers.
We have a will and I love to play it with my sisters. Sooo fun! It is hard to find a game for more then four people. We have one game though that twelve can play.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-15 08:44:35, posting from

@ Theo: I have a Wii. I play video games far more than I should. Animal crossing, however, I have not gotten into. I'm currently working Story Mode on Super Smash Bros Brawl, and lemme tell you I am SOOOO into it. I give props to their game designers for coming up with an interesting stroy line and still cramming everyone into it.

RE: Poll- I went with Mr. T, and I pity da foo who didn't. Mostly because his Night Elf Mohawk. If Mr. Rogers made a World of Warcraft character, I wonder what it would be...


mama K said:

2008-03-15 08:44:46, posting from

@ TJL, I certainly do remember the A-Team! Do you remember the poll Mr. T or Chuck Norris? That was exactly the quote I gave then, " I pity da fool!" LOL! My son was born in 1987, and Mr. T was long gone by then. He and Mr. Norris have since made a comeback though, so maybe they do know who they are now!


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 09:48:21, posting from

I do not think any race/class would quite fit Mr.Rogers in WoW.


Mary Gayle deep in the heart of Texas said:

2008-03-15 09:59:02, posting from

I was just going to write "I pity da fool!" I like Mr. T. better since Mr. Rogers creeps me out.

We have all the platforms around here except the Playstation 3. I even possess Super Smash Bros. Brawl but I am keeping it hidden until my son's birthday.


Elana Joy said:

2008-03-15 10:35:10, posting from



Wib said:

2008-03-15 10:54:37, posting from

Never heard of Mr.T

It's a fact... Mr. Rogers did talk slow... and a lot of people think he is dorky, but I LOVE what he represented! And much better for kids than video games!!

It's not the playing of video games - that can be good...quick thinking and reaction.
It's what they're about!!! Fighting, killing, driving insane... woe is the future of our children and grandchildren (they think that's normal and COOL!)

We need more Mr. Rogers!


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 11:02:53, posting from

mama K, I must apologize. I didn't carefully read your earlier comment, in which you said, "they don't even know who Mr. T is". I thought YOU didn't know who he was, and that was the reason for my comment. I will be more careful next time (or not).
= P


Theo said:

2008-03-15 11:31:34, posting from

I want to live in America!!

You get all the best stuff.

Pizza Hut.
Video Games Before England
Nice People
Cool Shops
Sesame Street. We don't get it anymore on freeview television.
Reel Big Fish.
The Rocket Summer.
Mr. T.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-15 11:38:50, posting from

can someone link the forums where we registered to get to know each other? I'm going to post my brawl frind code so I can have Lucas
beat the tar out of you. :D


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-15 11:44:59, posting from

@Wib; I have a t-shirt that i got at a video game covention. It really made me think about the negative portrayal of video game
nerds (like myself). It has three video game controlers on the front, and under the pictures it says "Contrary to popular belief,
these do not make me a killer." The way i figure it, 1) movies and prime time television have just as much if not more violence
and amoral content than video games; 2) if kids cannot make the distinction between a game and reality, they should not have access to the game in the first place, which would be the responsibility of the parent. A lot of people were talking about violent games being the cause of things like the columbine shooting, which I believe is a stretch.


Gia said:

2008-03-15 12:14:54, posting from

Theo thinks that America has nice people? That's strange. I always thought that all the nice people were in England with their extreme British politeness.

Jer, who I am still not exactly pleased with, the forum that I think you are referring to can be reached through the name link in any of Kid's old comments.


Wib said:

2008-03-15 12:41:33, posting from

@ Jer in Seattle - I agree with you! Video games nor TV are the cause of all these insane incidences (there's been several more recently). It goes much deeper than that!

SORRY... I didn't mean to belittle any nerds! Like you said, if you're old enough and know it's just a game... but I have a nephew who is only 7 now and that's all he wants to play (the more killing, the more he likes it). He has emotional problems anyway and that concerns me. But, like you said again, that's a parental thing.
So, I guess I'm saying, "You're Right!"

I'm just old school - I DON'T like those kinds of games.

Did you ever try any of those idiot test games? They're neat...and frustrating, but that just makes me more determined!


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 12:50:16, posting from

Theo - Japan gets many games before ANYONE. I prefer Dominos to pizza hut, all the pizzas I have had from pizza hut have been burned or looked as if a werewolf got into it. Is there a Dominos where you live?


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 13:53:48, posting from

SWIF, A werewolf? What ever made you think of a werewolf? LOL If we order pizza from "the hut", I always add an order of breadsticks with the spicy cheese dip, and that's what I eat. Oh, I also insist they leave off that messy parmesan cheese topping stuff.


Gia said:

2008-03-15 14:51:38, posting from

My family usually gets pizzas, hoagies and cheese steaks from a pizzeria that's about a block away from our house. I don't think that I've ever actually been to a Dominos or a Pizza Hut. The only chain pizza places I remember eating at are Uno Chicago Grill (both times in New York while visiting A) and Papa John's (actually, I might just be making this one up, but I almost remember eating there once).


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 14:56:25, posting from

We have a Papa John's in our town, but I've never eaten there. My mother thinks it's gross, so I guess I've trusted her judgement.
We have another place, called Pizza Village, that used to have wonderful pizza. Now they use frozen crusts and it's pretty nasty.

I'm wondering how we got on the subject of pizza from a Mr. Rogers/Mr. T poll?


Mark Jackson said:

2008-03-15 15:12:17, posting from

From a little-known yet wonderful band called "This Train":

It's a beautiful day in your neighborhood, always been that way for a neighbor
Would you be mine? could you be mine?
And I'm sure you don't have much time, but heroes are so hard to find
Would you be mine? could you be mine?


'Cause I believed every word you said, Mister Rogers, or can I call you Fred?

Well the older I get, man, the less I believe
In all those wonderful things I used to see with those young eyes,
What could've happened?
So am I just growing up, or is something else wrong?
Is the land of make believe all gone?
Old King Friday, just looks like a puppet, still

Can you say jaded? or misunderstood? can you say hatred?
Sure, I knew you could, I knew you could

'Cause I believed every word you said, Mister Rogers, or can I call you Fred?
Mister Rogers, I could use a friend
Mister Rogers, have we reached the end?
"Every Word You Said" from the This Train album, "You're Soaking In It"


Claire said:

2008-03-15 15:19:15, posting from

Theo- You guys don't have Pizza Hut!?!?!? What a tragedy! :D

Also, I don't have a Wii, but I have played a friend's and it was awesome, but my favorite game is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and it gives me a great burst of energy. My friends and I are always playing until three in the morning.


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 15:29:58, posting from

I do not know, lol. But that is what it looks like! All ripped and torn to pieces. Other huts might be better, but if all are like my local one, you are not missing out on much, Theo. They mess up orders often, too.


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 15:32:21, posting from I am in the mood for pizza. From Dominos, YUM! Warm cheese piled up on top with nice crunchy ham on top. *drool*


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-15 15:39:43, posting from

To Gia, whom I have come to a much better understanding and acceptance of, thanks!

@ WiB: I didn't mean to sound like I was yelling at you. I never meant to imply that you believe games are the sole cause of violence.
My little "brother" (family friend I helped raise) is autistic, and he would only play video games with Lara Croft or Nazis, which really scared me growing up. He also had violent tendencies, which were in part because of the autism (they think). So, it was a scary combination.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-15 15:44:47, posting from

SWiF: Gnome Priest. If gnomes could make priests.

A Holy Priest, at that.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-15 15:58:01, posting from

To Theo:

Pizza Hut: SO Greasy though... and i hear it causes heart disease... like SOLELY causes heart disease.
Video Games Before England: I can't contend with that, we really do...
Nice People: Have you been to New York City?
Cool Shops: In some areas, and very few of them. I'm sure England has its share of fancy botiques and all.
Sesame Street. We don't get it anymore on freeview television.: Big loss.... really . (**sarcasm alert**)
Reel Big Fish.: Again, you are right. We win there...
Greenday. See "Sesame Street". There should be a law against emo to that degree.
The Rocket Summer.: Who?
Mr. T.: "Um, Mr. T, there's no such thing as a night elf mohawk." "Well maybe Mr. T hacked the system and created one. Maybe Mr. T is good with computers like that. Did you ever think of THAT, mr condescending di-rector man?" **giggle**


Wib said:

2008-03-15 16:25:16, posting from

@ Jer in Seattle - Thanks but I didn't take it that way! I don't get offended at people's opinions because that's just what they are. That's what so cool about ToT, everyone can say what they think. I love to hear other people's take on things! It doesn't make us RIGHT or WRONG, just deep thinkers (HaHa)

Just think - if everyone liked Mr.Rogers, poor Mr.T would never have been mentioned on ToT and I would "pity da fool" (LOL)


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 17:24:45, posting from

Jer - LOL, probably. You play WoW?


Shaolin_sKunk said:

2008-03-15 17:47:17, posting from

Yes, my suggestion was used and I'm a bit late in the conversation.

I voted Mr. Rogers 'cause I always watched him as a kid. My favorite part was always when he'd show you how things are made in factories and stuff.

I have a Wii, but never play it unless I have some friends around; all we ever play is wii sports anyway, I don't have SSBB yet, all I have is Resident Evil 4 (which is still fun) and Metroid Prime 3 (which I find kind of boring.)

I think Pizza Hut has the best pizza of any chain but it's really expensive. There was this pizzeria in Salt Lake City that had the best pizza I've ever had. The crust was thin and the cheese was piled over fresh mushrooms and pepperonis. Mmmmm...

I gave myself the munchies.


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 18:26:55, posting from

Jer - Green day emo? LOL...I have seen bunnies more emo than green day.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 18:54:14, posting from

SWIF, I think he meant to type "Elmo" (but I could be mistaken).
Wib, I'm glad that you said, "we can all say what we want", because I have a comment for Jer.
Jer in Seattle, I would think you'd like Sesame Street with all their "diversity", and "liberal-ness". LOL (I hope you know I'm just kidding).


Gia said:

2008-03-15 19:17:07, posting from

Elmo? *Snicker* No TJL, he probably didn't mean Elmo (although Google does suggest that as a related search for emo).

For once I am having trouble defining a word. I just don't think that tight jeans and perpetual gloominess are sufficient for a definition for emo. Emo is a very subjective term. What one person considers emo might not be what another person considers emo (such as how no one agrees with Jer's evaluation of Green Day). None of the on-line definitions helped because they were all people emo-ly complaining about how much they hate emo (little hypocrites).
So really, TJL, it's okay that you don't know what it is because no one else does either.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 19:22:45, posting from

Gia, Oh, I just assumed that because "Sesame Street" was mentioned in the same line, that he must be talking about Elmo.

Everyone, Remember, I live with a 4-year-old. LOL

As I was typing the code to make that word italic, I got to wondering where THE Anonymoust Voter has been lately?


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 19:29:08, posting from

I presume that many of you have heard the rumors that Mr. Rogers had been a Navy Seal, etc.
Earlier I looked that up to find out if it was true. It is not. I did find out something else interesting . . . or disheartening. The site that told me that he had never served in the military also told me that at the end of the taping of the last Mister Rogers' Neighborhood show, he flipped off the audience!
Just for that I wish I'd voted for the guy with the jewelry.
= )


Sally said:

2008-03-15 19:39:29, posting from

Did anyone go to my link and see the Mr. Rogers prank call?

Regarding the video games, I don't have any and wouldn't have time to play them even if I did. Plus, I'd probably be really horrible at them since I never play. My brothers-in-law both have PS2, but they only ever play sports stuff like basketball and racing. I do play a game online from Shockwave called InkLink. It's kind of like Pictionary I think, but I don't know that for sure since I've never played Pictionary. I just know that in this game you, or whoever's turn it is at the moment, try to draw the clue that your given and people try to guess it. If you want to play sometime I go by the name theEnergy and play in the 30s room (even though I'm 24) because the people there seem more fun.

About the pizza topic, my family usually gets pizza from this local place called Papa's Pizzeria. Another place we go to occasionally is Mazzio's. They are a chain, but I don't know how widespread they are. We also have a Domino's and a Pizza Hut. I think we have a Papa John's, but they might have closed down. I don't like their sauce they make the pizza with; it's too sweet.


Sally said:

2008-03-15 19:44:00, posting from

Oh, and here is the link for the Inklink game.


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 19:53:08, posting from

Yeah, I did Sally, it was great!
"Have you by any chance lost your kitty?"
"I do not have a kitty."
"Well I have her."

"Have you ever seen anyone play the game called soccer?"

"I remember one time some of our neighbors who were studying ballet dancing got dressed up to look like raccoons. One of them was a mother raccoon, and the other a father raccoon, and there was a boy raccoon and a girl raccoon and they made up a dance about that family."


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 20:00:48, posting from

Sally, I meant to ask you the other day if you are an author? I was ordering some children's books for the library, and one of them was by an author with your name! Go figure, now I don't recall the name of the book. When I go back to work on Wednesday I will try to remember to look it up.


Hope said:

2008-03-15 20:02:48, posting from

I love Mr. Rogers!!!! My sisters and I would whatch it all the time when we were little. The tiger(cant remember his name)was my favorite.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 20:08:57, posting from

Sally again, I didn't go to the prank phone call site because I don't like prank calls. About a month ago, at around 11pm, my phone rang. A man asked who I was, to which I responded, "Well, YOU called me, so why don't you tell me who YOU are?". He proceeded to tell me that he'd gotten prank calls from my number and he was going to call the police. I don't know if he was trying to scare me or what, but I don't scare that easily.
1) I haven't made a prank phone call since I was in Middle School (Jr. High to some of you).
2) I rarely call anyone (except my sister) after 9pm, unless it is an emergency.
3) I have much better things to do with my time than to prank call anyone.
So, I told him I guessed he'd just have to go ahead and call the police. Then I hung up and went to bed. LOL


Wib said:

2008-03-15 20:10:33, posting from

I did too, Sally. I was surprised the southern lady didn't hang up sooner. The business lady really sounded annoyed. To tell the truth, I would probably be annoyed if I got a call like that unless I figured out who it was. But it was funny!


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 20:12:12, posting from

Hope, I liked King Friday and Queen Sara Saturday. I thought their names were cool, and besides, they were royalty! The tiger's name is Daniel. Lady Elaine is a little creepy though.


Wib said:

2008-03-15 20:30:51, posting from

TJL - You're brave! A call like that would be a little scary!
We never did prank stuff either (my Mother was a stickler on that!)I mean to others, we did stuff to each other.

About that website; are you sure that was true... about Mr. Rogers flipping off the audience? Or was it some kind of media hype, you know how they are!
That's hard to believe, but then, people are people and you never know what lurks behind that outer appearance!
It's not the first time we'd be surprised and shocked and I guess it won't be the last(chuckle)


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2008-03-15 20:31:08, posting from

Go, Fred, Go!!


mjnhrfe said:

2008-03-15 20:33:47, posting from

I voted for Mr. Rogers. My favorite part of the show was that place where all his puppets are.
Now, about Pizza Hut. I have worked there for the past year and a half.
Yes, it's greasy.
Yes, it's expensive.
Yes, it tastes good.
But, c'mon, Domino's?? It tastes awful.
TJL- I love the breadstick seasoning, the more the better. Have you ever tried the cheesestix?
I don't eat much of the food there now because I am tired of it, but it still tastes good.
Theo- Green Day is a great band, but what about the great bands from England??
Black Sabbath was from Birmingham, England.
The Beatles (not my favorite:( ), The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and The Zombies are all from Britain.
You've heard of the "British Invasion", right?
Even, Frans Ferdinand, Muse, Radiohead, and David Bowie are from England.
OMG, just remembered so was Motorhead!


Sally said:

2008-03-15 20:48:00, posting from

TJL-Nope, I'm not an author. Although, I do love to read. I've never done much writing though, not even in a diary.

I've never made a prank call, I just think the ones that other people make are funny, as long as their isn't any profanity. That's why I picked the prank that I did, because it didn't have any cursing in it. Not that I'm going to go off the deep end if I hear a swear word. I just prefer not to have to hear it.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 21:06:31, posting from

MJ, Yes, I've tried the cheese sticks, but I don't like them as well. Do you have the spicy cheese (basically nacho cheese) sauce up there? When we lived in Minnesota and would ask for that, they would look at us as if they'd never heard of such a thing. LOL I'm glad to be back in Indiana where they know how to make a good breadstick.

About Mazzio's, There used to be one in Evansville, and it was great. Their breadsticks were more like toasted, buttery strips of French bread. Yummy! But alas, they have been closed for several years.

Hmmmm, it would appear that I have a "thing" for breadsticks. (I also like Fazzoli's breadsticks). LOL


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-15 21:08:40, posting from

Now I'm wondering how our resident chef (Theo) would make a breadstick. = )


Someone who is French said:

2008-03-15 22:21:59, posting from

Dominos is great! The sauce is nice and tomatoey (spelling? even a word?) and the cheese is nice and cheesy but not too greasy.


Shaolin_sKunk said:

2008-03-16 00:01:10, posting from

I love Little Caesers' Crazy Bread. In my opinion, they are the best bread sticks ever

Strange, Little Caesers officially has no apostrophe in its name, and Dr Pepper has no period after Dr.

What do you think of that Gia?


Hope said:

2008-03-16 06:33:25, posting from

Daniel!!! Now I remember! Thanks TJL!!!!

Lady Elaine was a little creepy I agree.


Gia said:

2008-03-16 06:35:47, posting from

In the case of brand names, punctuation is occasionally left out for the purpose of making the name more noticeable or less cluttered.This kind of omission is clearly done for a certain reason and not as an act of neglect.

Why does everyone get bread sticks with there pizza? There's bread already in the pizza, so getting more bread seems redundant.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-16 10:51:10, posting from

Gia, I usually get the breadsticks instead of the pizza.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-16 11:26:46, posting from

@SWiF: Yes, I have 2 70's and a 65, and 3 PvP toons. My roommate and I are a little extreme.

@Shoulin: Resident Evil 4 is still fun. I'm still not far into it, and I don't play it often, mostly because I usually only get to play Wii at night and that's not something I wan't to see right before I go to sleep.
Also, I wonder if Mr. R showed how things were made overseas in factories. That's a Mr. Rogers episode that will never surface: showing a third world sweatshop making Nike shoes. **giggle**

@TJL and Gia: Anyone who wears more mascara than a Las Vegas drag queen and sings about how depressing everything is gets the tag emo in my book.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-16 11:29:03, posting from

@Gia and TJL: Sorry. Any man who wears more mascara than a Las Vegas drag queen.

@TJL: I never watched Sesame Street growing up because we lived in an area without any type of television reception. **NERD ALERT** We have a VCR and old episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation that my grandomther recorded for us and gave us every weekend when we visited. I learned all my morals from Jean-Luc Picard. **crys then writes a Green Day song**


Gia said:

2008-03-16 14:10:49, posting from

Jer, you do realize that not all of their songs are about being depressed, right? Every band has songs about sadness because it is a natural human emotion. That alone doesn't make anyone emo. Also, A (who has just come home for Easter) has pointed out that Green Day was in existence before our current emo trends and that their earlier work is soundly punk.
There's another thing. How come the Boy Scouts are wrong to exclude gays, but you can placed drag queens in a derogatory context? You're sending me mixed signals.

Captain James T. Kirk is so much cooler.


Gia said:

2008-03-16 14:21:39, posting from

Partially on the subject of the original poll, in Neil Cicierega's new video, which instructs views to vote for the Potter Puppet Pals in the YouTube awards, he has the Mr. Rogers music in the background. That video made me happy.

Relating to Pizza Hut, I just remembered that my AP Euro teacher told me that Gorbachev was in a commercial for Pizza Hut in the late 90's. That somehow makes me happy too.


Ryan Norton said:

2008-03-16 15:41:02, posting from

I said mr. T because I don't know who mr. rogers is.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-16 15:48:18, posting from

I never said anything deragatory about drag queens. Some of my very good friends are performers in drag. I simply stated that they pack on the mascara pretty heavily. I've seen a couple of them get ready before. It's actually almost as entertaining as their show.

I should write a one act play about that... that could be very interesting.

Meanwhile, you are right; not ALL of their music is depressed... only their most recent stuff. At least, only the recent stuff that hasn't been all out verbal warfare on the current political structure and its leaders. :D

Don't get me wrong, I like Green Day. The only songs of theirs that get any mainstream play, however, is very "The world is unjust" or "I'm so alone in the world," which, while filling a niche, gets very old sometimes.

Kirk was a womanizer, but in a James Bond kinda way. Kirk is cool. I personally like Picard more.

Didn't we do a Kirk or Picard poll at some time in the last 3 months or so? I seem to remember one.


Gia said:

2008-03-16 16:39:34, posting from

I don't think we did, but we really really need a Kirk or Picard poll. Go suggest one, NOW!


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2008-03-16 20:03:59

It has been submitted four times since ToT launched in December of 2006. That's sufficient.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-16 20:05:34, posting from

Gia and Jer, ***Nerd Alert*** While I will admit that I have heard of Green Day, I always assumed that they chose that name because they were "Earth Day" activists or something. LOL I asked one of my kids at the library what "emo" meant, and they said it was sort of like "goth". Amazingly, I know what that means.

Jer, I have seen the movies "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", and "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything".
= )


Gia said:

2008-03-16 20:39:00, posting from

Four times? That means you have to run it, Randy. Unless you're an evil Klingon, you really have to.
Personally, I prefer the cheesy makeup of the original Klingons to the weird foreheads of the new ones. They amuse me more.
"Of course I am a Klingon. I'm wearing the uniform, aren't I? I'm evil too. See this mustache? It's an evil mustache! Fear me and my bad makeup.Ewww, tribble."

No, TJL, the name isn't anything as benign as that.

TJL and Jer, does it come across as odd to either of you that lately polls seem to end with the three of us talking about nothing? Do you think it's because we are the only ones who bother to regularly check polls that are more than two days old, or is there another reason?


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-17 09:47:43, posting from

Gia, Perhaps we are the only ones who check the polls that are from previous days. I noticed that last week Jer had gone back and made a comment at the end of each poll. I had to wonder if that was his way of getting the last word. LOL


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-17 10:47:13, posting from

Not at all. I'm a receptionist. When the phones don't ring, I rely on the interwebz to stay not bored.

And all my World of Warcraft sites are blocked.


I actually check ToT more times per day than my e-mail. >.<


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-17 10:49:28, posting from


I didn't have the last post on Pudding or Jello (TJL) or Map or Directions (Gia). :D

I will concur though that it seems like every poll ends with us talking about the furthest thing from the topic presented. :D Which I'm totally okay with.


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2008-03-17 11:36:44

Here's a secret: There is a page that shows all of the recently posted comments in any poll. The only reason that I have never publicized it is that it is not organized how I want and it shows ALL of the comments. That includes all of the raunchy spam comments that a few of the really old polls seem to attract. If you promise that you will not be horrified by the poor layout of the page and that you will not be offended by the potentially VERY offensive spam comments, I will tell you where the secret web page is located. Mum's the word.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-17 19:01:12, posting from

Randy, Wow, that is really "trippy". I will likely still visit each poll because then I am reading the posts in chronological order.
= )


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-18 12:19:56, posting from

Ditto TJL. Not to mention the lack of Viagra I am in need of right now. **grin**

I will note that spammers really seem to feel the Bush vs Bush poll is very popular...


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-18 12:23:18, posting from

Hey Randy, how many Picard or Kirk suggestions have their been (with the clearly superior captain being put first, thus organizing by uberness rather than alphabetically or chronologically)?

More importantly, why have you neglected to run it???!!! We know at least three people will know what the poll is about, which is about 3 times as many knew what premium whole life vs term life was about... :D (Hugs, TroyBoy!)


Matt said:

2008-03-18 14:35:03, posting from

I feel bad 4 theo.


Gia said:

2008-03-18 14:56:45, posting from

Jer, who would ever put Picard first? You suggestion is ridiculous and illogical.
As I have already mentioned, Randy hasn't run "Kirk or inferior Picard" because he's a Klingon and therefore evil.

Matt, 4 is a numeral, not a word and Theo's name should be capitalized.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-18 17:09:38, posting from

I understand that Randy is an evil Klingon, but all the more reason to run the "Picard or Old Wheezebag Kirk" poll... he could then see which of his rivals is superior (Picard) and murderlate the other.


Gia said:

2008-03-18 19:53:28, posting from

"Murderlate," Jer? You didn't even make it up properly. After all, -late is not a suffix. I'm okay with changing parts of speech of words, but only if it is done with reasonable, and real, suffixes.

Randy, son of Randy's father, and all Klingons would choose the one who is better in combat as the superior one.
Despite Picard's brief stint as Worf's Cha'DIch, in which he only fought two Klingons outside of the formal setting and had to be saved by Kahlest (another Klingon), he isn't much of a fighter and the Klingons wouldn't respect that.
On the other hand, Kirk engages in physical combat in almost every episode and I bet that he could fight any Klingon (perhaps Kang, Kor or Koloth) and actually win.


Dredlynn said:

2008-03-19 09:57:56, posting from

come Mr.T is the shit


Gia said:

2008-03-19 11:47:38, posting from

Dredlynn, the language and construction of your comment displeases me; Randy, son of Randy's father; Gene Roddenberry; most of the United Federation of Planets; Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer; and the makeup guy. Even Khan is displeased.


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-19 12:07:37, posting from

Gia, you just made me LoL. Thank you for that.

Meanwhile, my intention was to type Murdilate, but I erred in the spelling. I have corrected it. (Murder or Mutilate, there ya go Randy...)

Meanwhile, Randy, son of Randy's Father would know that being able to destroy in a physical combat setting is not the only way to prove superiority. Sometimes, the ability to negotiate peace is superior. Picard has done both, whereas all Kirk has done is kill and womanize. At least Picard has scruples.


Gia said:

2008-03-19 12:56:22, posting from

Jer, yIDoghQo'. Klingons like smashing things. I laugh at the thought Klingons caring about scruples. They care about honor, but definitely not scruples. I believe that you have the Klingons confused with the Vulcans. Vulcans are the ones who talk stuff out.
Besides, I shall have you know that Kirk, with advice from both Spock and McCoy, has reasoned through his fair share of problems.

It is now very important that you respond in some capacity or another. We are very close to overtaking Firefighter or Policeman (97) as the poll with the highest non-spam comment count. (In most cases, spam polls are the ones that Randy regularly has to clean out. However, I am including Milk or Cookies (110) as a spam poll because "ally for president" posted the same comment fifty-two times and that is kind of spammy.)


Gia said:

2008-03-19 14:07:40, posting from

Darn. I just realized that it should be "the language and construction of your comment displease" because it is the language and the construction that are displeasing, which makes them the compound subject.
Khan still isn't happy.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-19 16:26:50, posting from

Can comments still be posted to polls once they're closed? If so, we three should continue to use this particular poll as our message board, thus it will ultimately be the most commented on poll ever.


Gia said:

2008-03-19 17:26:14, posting from

Yes, you can comment after a poll closes.


Gia said:

2008-03-19 17:27:02, posting from

As for going on forever, I think that we would run out of things to talk about.


Gia said:

2008-03-19 17:27:24, posting from

Qapla'! 100!


Sally said:

2008-03-19 21:15:15, posting from

I think Data would beat both of them.


Gia said:

2008-03-20 07:38:06, posting from

The captains would have the good sense to turn Data off.


Matt said:

2008-03-22 07:50:13, posting from

Gia who cares if i didnt have good gramer. I'm not good at english. I almost failed english in 7th grade.


Gia said:

2008-03-22 18:57:49, posting from

Well Matthew, if you have gotten to the seventh grade, you should know the difference between letters and numerals. Just so you know, Khan isn't happy with you either.

Randy, the secret comment page isn't working for me anymore. All I get is a Canadian pill exchange.

Kirk is awesome.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-26 21:26:07, posting from

Randy, After reading Gia's post about the secret comment page not working, I had to try it. At first you can see the comment page, but then you are suddenly redirected to the Canadian pharmacy page.


Matt said:

2008-03-27 06:11:45, posting from

Gia and Khan, who cares. It's faster to type 4 than four. It's like texting. If u were texting would u use 4 or four?


Matt said:

2008-03-27 06:13:03, posting from

Randy, the page isn't working, it keeps on going to a pill website.


Matt said:

2008-03-27 06:13:40, posting from

We should have a Yankees or Mets poll. Yankees are so much better.


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2008-03-27 08:16:14

Regarding the pill website, that's the trouble with allowing people to add HTML to their comments (to show images, videos, etc). Some bottom-feeder included some Javascript code that redirected your browser to the pill site. Lousy @#$% spammers.


Gia said:

2008-03-28 12:44:44, posting from

Thank you for fixing it Randy.

Matt dear, you aren't texting. That should be obvious, even to you.


Gia said:

2008-03-28 12:46:21, posting from

Now this really is officially the longest poll. Again, Qapla'!


Matt said:

2008-04-12 18:05:57, posting from

Gia, why do u keep on calling me dear or honey?


Gia said:

2008-04-14 12:27:47, posting from

No one ever said "honey" and I only used "dear" once. I'm talking down to you.

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