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John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald?
John Wilkes Booth 53.6%
Lee Harvey Oswald 46.4%
28 votes

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9 comments for John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald?


Paul Fankhauser said:

2007-03-27 23:42:04, posting from

. . . because Booth did it.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2007-03-28 07:21:25, posting from

Tough vote -- 'cause it's a toss up.

I voted 'Booth' for the same reason as Paul.


Pat said:

2007-03-28 07:35:50, posting from

Makes me glad I don't go by three names.


jen cox said:

2007-03-28 07:53:12, posting from

Oh, you will if you ever assassinate someone. Patrick John Hannon. The sound of it sends chills down my spine.


Mark Jackson said:

2007-03-28 09:26:45, posting from

I found myself ruminating on who did more damage to the US... weird.


Mr Complainer said:

2007-03-28 11:50:43, posting from

Butterfly effect. Who's bullet altered history more. I voted for Booth.

It essentially set civil rights in America back 100 years. You could argue that perhaps if Kennedy had lived key events in the last half of the 20th century would never have happend. But I think it's too early to have that kind of historical hindsight just yet.


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2007-03-28 12:03:05

Has anyone read Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer? Good? Bad?


jason r totten said:

2007-03-29 04:29:18, posting from

I voted for the guy that did less damage (Oswald)... whether he did it or not, Lincoln was the greater loss.


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2007-03-29 06:15:55, posting from

Hey Randy, I haven't read 'Manhunt,' but I have a friend who did (book on tape) and she raves about it. I'll probably give it a try someday.

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