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Alphabetically or Chronologically?
03/05/2008, Submitted by Gio
Alphabetically 58.6%
Chronologically 41.4%
186 votes

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56 comments for Alphabetically or Chronologically?


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-04 21:04:44, posting from

Congratulations on the poll Gia!
Being a librarian, I obviously voted for Alphabetically . . . by Author's last name. LOL
(I am constantly amazed at the number of people, specifically adults, who cannot comprehend that).


Luvlee said:

2008-03-04 21:31:55, posting from

I voted for Alphabetically...I'm second! Yay!


RGbrainstorm said:

2008-03-04 22:02:54, posting from

Chronoligically! Granted, alphabetically is more user-friendly but is otherwise meaningless. Knowing the chronology of a collection informs us of how the things collected are interrelated, what influenced what, what overlapped, etc. This is particulary pertenent for music and literature, to see the thread that binds and describes the progression of the art. So, chronilogically is far more informant than the artist's arbitrary last name.

Seeing that Beethoven provided a bridge between Mozart and Sibelius is more important than seeing that Beethoven comes first of the three in the alphabet.

And isn't it interesting to know that Clinton came between two Bushes instead of after both of them?

Very nice one, Gia.


RGbrainstorm said:

2008-03-04 22:07:37, posting from

In my comment above I accidentally pasted the wrong address into my "Website" field. (This is the right one.) So instead, you get to see 9 of my favorite minutes in the history of movie soundtracks. Lucky you!
And this even coincidentally relates to the Michael or Janet poll. See why I picked Michael?


mjnhrfe said:

2008-03-04 22:13:09, posting from

I voted for alphabetically. Congrats Gia! See, this is difficult because it depends on what we are talking about. My CDs are in order of both. The artists' names are in alphabetical order and each artists' albums are in chronological order. My collection starts with Aerosmith Greatest Hits and Avenged Sevenfold's Waking the Fallen up to their their latest which is self-titled. I believe my collection ends with Stone Sour's album titled, Come What(ever)May. Mostly, everything of mine is in some kind of order. I have a colored pencil set and that is in ROY G BIV order and from lightest to darkest of each color. Like it would go red, red-orange, orange, yellow, yllow-green, green, green-blue, blue, violet, purple, brown, black, white, gray. Between colors are the different shades. I have three stacks of shirts in my drawer, one for warm colors, one for cool colors, and the last one is for neutrals. My socks are in order of color (they are on the right side of the drawer because they go on last). My pants are in the bottom drawer and my shirts are in the top drawer. == My dresser is sort- of like that. My sock drawer is on the right side while my shirts and pants are on the left.


RGbrainstorm said:

2008-03-04 22:20:53, posting from

mj, My closet would probably make you vomit on the spot.

I agree wholeheartedly with ROY G BIV.


mjnhrfe said:

2008-03-04 22:26:43, posting from

It's okay RG. It takes a lot to get me sick. I also, put my DVD's in order, I started with genres. My horror collection is the largest and then I put them into alphabetical order. Unless, of course, it is a series like, Saw, and then it is chronologically ordered then moving on to The Sixth Sense, and so on.
RG, you saying that about your closet, reminded my of an Eminem song titled, "Cleanin' Out My Closet" off of his 3rd major label release, "Eminem Show" from 2002.


Elana Joy said:

2008-03-04 22:46:28, posting from

I like alphabet soup. and cookies.


RGbrainstorm said:

2008-03-04 22:47:29, posting from

A horror buff, eh? I finally saw the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Valentine's Day. OMG, it blew me away. It's actually terrifying. I enjoy horror of all kinds--creepy, campy, scary. But few terrify me. And I should also point out that I could see clearly how it affected tons of horror films thereafter. Like, it introduced the theme of the one chick getting away at the end, which you see all over. It started the trend of horror villans being crazy human beings instead of just zombies, vampires, ghosts, etc. Far scarier. And it made me very dissapointed in Rob Zombie for House of a Thousand Corpses.


Paul Fankhauser said:

2008-03-04 23:17:32, posting from

I'm lucky if all the cds are on the shelf, regardless of what order. The only cds/dvds I have in any sort of order are my Police bootlegs, arranged chronologically, of course.

On the subject of horror movies, I finally saw Children of the Corn a few weeks ago after hearing for years how creepy it was. My review: That's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. What a waste of film.


Kama said:

2008-03-05 00:11:53, posting from

Dates confuse me. Alphabeticaly is so orderly.


Race Hochdorf said:

2008-03-05 03:17:51, posting from

Things are so much more easier to understand, in a time order. Chronologically.


mama K said:

2008-03-05 05:44:27, posting from

Now this is what I call a great work schedule, work one day, and then off for a snow day! Yesssss! I voted alphabetically, but I think it depends on what you're dealing with.
@TJL, I thought about you yesterday! I had to take my class down to the library! Wow, has the job changed since I used to sub! We used to use a hand stamp to check out the books, I noticed they had a scanner like in a grocery store, pretty cool!
P.S. Boooo and Hsssss to all the idiots that voted for Hill-Bill in Ohio, I'm very ashamed, and disappointed!


Steve Pratte said:

2008-03-05 06:16:04, posting from

Alphabetically, THEN chronologically.


Ryan the great said:

2008-03-05 07:22:50, posting from

I said alphabetically because I have no idea what chronology means. ;)


Hope said:

2008-03-05 07:22:51, posting from

I agree with TJL all the way. Alpha by author all tha way.

Librarians/librarys are cool. :)


Kid Vicious said:

2008-03-05 07:43:51, posting from

I always get lost in libraries :(


Hope said:

2008-03-05 07:57:03, posting from

Ryan chronology meant in order of when something happends. Order by time.

Hope that makes some sort of sense. ;)


Hope said:

2008-03-05 07:58:31, posting from

I did not mean to make a pun on my name. :)


Theo said:

2008-03-05 08:13:32, posting from

Chronoligically means in order of age. E.g youngest to oldest or vice versa.

I voted alphabetically. Not only is my mother a police examiner-person, she used to be a librarian. So I have to have all my books in alphabetical order of the authors last name. =]


mama K said:

2008-03-05 08:46:58, posting from

@ Hope. I bet that happens a lot with your name. Did you get in on our side chat the other day about what your name would have been if you had been born a boy?


Heather said:

2008-03-05 08:56:48, posting from

Accounting... I keep files Alphabetically Chronological...


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-05 09:15:09, posting from

RG, Oh my goodness, I have a hard enough time with people not understanding alphabetically by author's last name. I cannot even imagine trying to explain chronological order to them. For example, a frequently asked question would be, "Do you have that new Oprah book?" Which actually means, "Do you have the book that is currently being read by the 'Oprah book club'?" (A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle). Often, the patron will know the title, but not the author, or vice versa, but sometimes they will know neither. If I had to ask them when the book was written, I may as well forget it.
Another example is: A parent will come in with their child and ask for the "Goosebumps" books. I will tell them that they are in the 3rd through 5th grade section under S for Stine. They will look at me and say, "But it starts with a 'G'!" (Remember, this is the parent, not the child). At this point I just go show them where the books are. LOL


Heather said:

2008-03-05 09:27:00, posting from

@ TJL - WOW! I didn't realize it had gotten that bad. I remember in school we had our little library. We would have a 'kinda-sorta' class each year for the younger grades about how a library worked and about the filing system. I guess they don't even bother teaching it to kids these days... and I'm not even that old! So it's not like it was really that long ago! So that parent has no excuse! LOL

Honestly, that kind of stupidity is the reason I got out of working retail.


TroyBoy said:

2008-03-05 10:27:06, posting from

Wow TJL, that is sad. My wife takes my boys to the library and they love it. Heather I too remember having classes that taught us to use the index cards in the filing drawers and how to locate and find the books. It isn't that hard but I guess with each generation they want more done for them instead of doing it themselves. They lose so much that way.


GKE said:

2008-03-05 10:48:43, posting from

Congrats Gia! Except when browsing through our local library, I prefer Chronologically. It makes the most sense to me, in the same way as RGbrainstorm. Things have to interrelate for me to appreciate.

That is, when I actually books and CD's are all out of order no matter how you slice it. But I generally know exactly where any one of them is in my collection.

@ mjnhrfe: If color were an option more often, that's how I'd organize all my stuff. Because I can find it so much easier...

@ Kid Vicious: no no! Being lost in a library is good, because you might find something you never knew you liked!

@ TJL: yeah, all my library skills I picked up with frequent visits and just general familiarity with the system. Except for using the microfilm machine - that thing is awesome! Some days, when I go to the library, I just end up reading a bunch of past issues of the local newspapers. What I think is funny is that when people like that look under the series name and never find it, it doesn't seem to cross the mind to look under the author.


Heather said:

2008-03-05 10:52:22, posting from

I agree TroyBoy! It's very sad. Even in my later years at my elementary school when computers became (somewhat) more commonplace, we still used the index cards. But by that time I knew where all the different books were anyway. (It was a very small library).

Now I really feel like going to the library! I haven't been to one in years sad to say.


mama K said:

2008-03-05 10:55:29, posting from

TroyBoy, it truly is sad. Have you seen the report on how closed in our children's world has become as compared to 50 years ago? A 7 yr. old would walk 7 miles to get to a fishing spot, be gone all day, and their mother wouldn't think twice about it! Now, kids barely go out of the house, and are driven to any friends houses or to school! I think that goes for their knowledge as well. Have you ever seen old letters written back in the early 1900's by children or teenagers? Their use of the English language was amazing! On the other hand, they can text like nobody's business now, and kick any adults a#% on a video game! I'm not sure if we're really heading in the right direction, but that sounds way too much like something my dad would have said! LOL!


Hope said:

2008-03-05 11:01:31, posting from

Mama K, yeah I get a lot...

My Mom alway knew that she was going to have girls so she never realy thought about boy names.But I would have been named after my Dad I think...

TJL Wow thats sad man I could LIVE in the library


Theo said:

2008-03-05 11:07:12, posting from

I could LIVE in a supermarket. (grocery store).


GKE said:

2008-03-05 12:11:21, posting from

Is true. Our world is turning more and more inward every decade. Not like I remember way far back, but nearly all my friends think I'm weird because I ride my bike instead of drive when it's only a few miles, still read long books, and online chat with next-to-no abbreviations.

If they had a combo library & supermarket, then I would live *there*.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-05 12:22:22, posting from

GKE, LOL When I was a kid, I remember signs hanging up in the youth section of the library that read, "Please don't feed the books!"

Theo, Tesco?

I am so happy to say that our princess LOVES books. We read them over and over until she can pretty much "read" it herself. Often I will begin reading a sentence, then stop, and she will finish it for me. Granted, at this point it is more from memory of that page than actually reading the words, but that will come.


Gia said:

2008-03-05 12:33:51, posting from

Alphabetical arrangement makes things easier to find, e.g. words in a dictionary (you all saw that coming). Chronology is more of a "big picture" thing.

This is my third poll out of the eleven I suggested (if I am counting the eleven correctly). I'm not sure if that is good or not, but I'm proud of it. If I were to exclude four that I now see shouldn't have been suggested in the first place then I would really have three out of seven, which is almost half.
I suggested both this one and "Paper Clip or Staple" under the name Gio, so why did only the other one chamge to my new name?


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2008-03-05 13:38:00

Because I forgot to change the name this time, Gia.


Gia said:

2008-03-05 13:52:03, posting from

I'm going to let it go (this time), but only because you're Randy.


Gia said:

2008-03-05 14:34:18, posting from

Darn. I just noticed that I spelled "change" with an m.
I'm having a hard time typing today.


Jer said:

2008-03-05 14:56:25, posting from

We forgive you Gia. :D I don't think any regulars will punish you for hitting the next-door neighbor letter.

I voted for chronological. I'm a very time oriented person.

My closet however is Alphabetical: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Olive (yes, i have enough to get its own section), Purple, Red, White.

Note the lack of orange and yellow. There is a reason.

I'm a sad, sad boy. Hahaha.


Shaolin_sKunk said:

2008-03-05 15:01:33, posting from

Definitely chronology, like RG said you can see how things evolve over time, like how science gradually improves itself over time or how people gradually learn to become more tolerant.

TJL - Yeah, we are becoming much more sedentary, but you have to remember if it weren't for the internet we probably would have no idea each of us existed. With the explosion of information on the internet we are now able to exchange our thoughts and opinions like never before, the average child now knows more about the world today than the average adult knew 50 years ago (or has the potential to anyway.)

Still, it will never replace the feeling of experiencing Woodstock first-hand.

Man I wish I'd been there, I was born into the wrong era.


Claire said:

2008-03-05 15:06:52, posting from

I'm a virgo so I am already a compulsive organizer as it is, but If I had to choose between the two numberically would be my choice. You can go to a CD shop and find a CD you want by the title, but do you look by number...No.


JenfromLosAngeles said:

2008-03-05 15:47:18, posting from

In research we maintain our notes and results chronologically so that the most recent is always first. Same with Medical Records...all the encounters start with most recent and go back. At the hosital I work at, patient charts are neither filed alphabetically or chronologically. The are assigned a number and filed numerically...which may be a type of chronology.

Gia your input on that please?


Gia said:

2008-03-05 16:10:49, posting from

I'm assuming that the charts are given numbers when they come into existence. This means that there is a relative chronology. It can be inferred that one chart came into existence before another, but not the amount of time between them or the amount of time that has elapsed since either was created.
They are still organized by time, just not specifically.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-05 17:44:13, posting from

Shaolin, I'll pass on the Woodstock fiasco. The mud, the lack of food or drinkable water, the human waste. No thanks.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-05 17:49:41, posting from

I think I might be a little too "OCD" to be a hippie. LOL


Sally said:

2008-03-05 21:06:48, posting from

Well, if all of these comments were sorted alphabetically, it would make no sense.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-05 22:36:19, posting from

Wow, what if we had to spell our names alphabetically?
Ahtt Ehijsw Adly
Aamm K
Alpu Aaefhknrsu
Acer Cdfhhoor
Dik Ciiosuv

LLO Ahtt Asw Fnu!!


RGbrainstorm said:

2008-03-06 07:13:25, posting from

That's fantastic, JLT!


TroyBoy said:

2008-03-06 10:42:34, posting from

wow TJL that was awesome. Took me a while to figure everyone out but that was really neat! A+


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-06 17:41:40, posting from

I just realized I should have also put the list in alphabetical order! Doh!


Aeehhrt said:

2008-03-07 09:36:00, posting from

Good one TJL!


Ejr said:

2008-03-07 17:09:34, posting from

<-- is left out. :-(


Gia said:

2008-03-07 18:30:38, posting from

I'm sure Ahtt Ehijsw Adly didn't mean to leave you out, Ejr.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-07 19:59:07, posting from

Ejr, I'm orrsy! Once before, in a different list, I left out Sally. This time I was determined not to forget her, and alas, now I have forgotten you.
Ahtt Ehijsw Adly
Aamm K
Alpu Aaefhknrsu
Acer Cdfhhoor
Dik Ciiosuv
Ejn Cox (LOL)
Aaeln Joy (LOL)
Eestv Aeprtt
Anry Eht Aegrt
Ajnos r. Enottt
Eejmry Eckllostw
Gino Pu
Eemnoos How Is Cefhnr
Amry Aegly eedp in eht aehrt fo Aestx
Eenrst fmor Acmp
Akmr Acjknos
EHT Amnnoosuy Eortv

OK, if I have left your name off the list, your job is to alphabetize it and post it in a comment. = )


Gia said:

2008-03-08 06:34:45, posting from

Alphabetizing the alphabetized list:
17Ccchhiikm, 69Acnv, Aakm, Aalen Joy, Aamm K, Abgimnorrrst, Acrilr, Acer Cdfhhoor, Adnry, Aeehhrt, Ahilnos_Kknsu, Ahtt Ehijsw Adly, Aig, Ajnor r. Enorttt, Akmr Aejknos, Allsy, Alpu Aaefhknrsu, Amry Aegly deep in eht aehrt fo Aestx, Anry eht Aegrt, Boortyy, Ddeehirp, Dik Ciiosuv, Eejmry Eekllostw, Eemnoos how is Cefhnr, Eenrst fmor Acmp, Eestv Aeprtt, Efhjmnr, EGK, Ehop, Ehot, EHT Amnnoosuy Eortv, Ejn Cox, Ejn fmor Los Aeeglns, Ejr, Eoqtuy, Ezzz, Ginny Aeelswy, Gino Pu.
I'm 93% certain that that's right.

The part is not that I had the time to do this (it only took five minutes), but rather that I'm with all of you enough to tell what most of them where right away.


That Jewish Lady said:

2008-03-09 19:41:59, posting from

Gia, You Rock!!


Theo said:

2008-03-10 12:37:17, posting from

I like being eHOT!


Jer in Seattle said:

2008-03-10 13:33:56, posting from

Amry Aegly deep in eht aehrt fo Aestx made me LoL at work...

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