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Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson?
01/24/2007, Submitted by Jeremy Stockwell
Jerry Falwell 26.7%
Pat Robertson 73.3%
15 votes

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9 comments for Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson?


MarkJackson said:

2007-01-24 01:15:40, posting from

This one is EASY... for me, it's a simple as Jerry Falwell being willing to apologize for unbiblical remarks & Pat Robertson blaming Jerry following their 9/11 debacle. (See my article on this at

Of course, Pat's benchpressing 1000 pounds (ha...) and/or his yearly round of prophecies and/or his call for the U.S. to "off" Chavez didn't help his case any. (See my blog post on this at


Jason Wolfgang said:

2007-01-24 05:11:44, posting from

I refuse to vote on this one. Both of these men have made me cringe many a time...


Says Randy, the This or That? administrator:

2007-01-24 06:12:55

Who would win in a fight? The choice is obvious.


Nord said:

2007-01-24 06:27:02, posting from

Who has the bigger piehole? PR wins in a landslide!


Jeremy Stockwell said:

2007-01-24 06:27:50, posting from

OK -- who was the idiot that suggested these choices--oh, wait. Nevermind.


Adam said:

2007-01-24 07:10:56, posting from

Yeah, I'm going Robertson, only because he could leg press about 4.5 Jerry Falwell's.


jason r totten said:

2007-01-24 07:57:00, posting from

first in line to hell? oh wait, nevermind.


Dave C said:

2007-01-25 07:31:08, posting from

Robertson. He's the only one crazy enough to run for president.


paul fankhauser said:

2007-01-29 11:59:51, posting from

No vote on this one. Congrats, Jeremy. Your topic is the first this-or-that topic to make me shiver.

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