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Let's face it. We're way too busy to constantly update web pages. Content gets old. Jokes get old. Stuff that used to be oh so cool becomes uncool. But we hate to blow those old, moldy web pages away forever.

Here are the old shows that used to hold places of honor in the Cox-TV Primetime Lineup, but they just don't cut it anymore. Maybe they never became as great as we once hoped. Maybe they outlived their usefulness. Whatever.

The Ethan Show
Samantha's Page (Baby Two)
These photo display pages were a pain in the neck to update. The gallery software we're using in the Snapshots section works so much better. Still, these pages have photos that aren't available in the Snapshots gallery.
The Book Report
This was going to be a list of all of the favorite books from all of the Coxes, but it ended up just being Randy's favorites. It was a pain to update, and it was probably of little interest to people anyway.
Our Old House
If we had actually had the time and money to do household improvements, there's a slight chance that this would have been interesting. We didn't, so it's not.
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