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The Cox family lives in an old house in Noblesville, Indiana. It's a nice little city a stone's throw away from Indianapolis. They attend The Church at the Crossing in Indy, where Randy and Jen are members of the Foundations class.

Ethan is now five (and a half!) years old. He attends kindergarten at Stony Creek Elementary School, just across the street from his house. He really enjoys school, particularly when it's his show-and-tell day. His favorite shows are Fairly Oddparents, and Kim Possible, and when he's not allowed to watch any more TV, he likes to draw and build robots with LEGOs.

Samantha is an independent, extremely expressive two-year-old. It's a fun age. She loves to "read" books and have them read to her, mother her dolls and animals, and play with Ethan. She lists her favorite things as follows... Color: Purple. Breakfast item: Coco Wheats. Drink: chocolate milk. Show: Veggie Tales. Story: Noah's Ark. Song: The Belly of the Whale.

Toby is the third and final Cox kid. At six months old, he's very agreeable and easy to care for. Randy and Jen consider themselves very lucky to have an easy third baby. Toby loves to use his jumping seat. He's also very fond of his older siblings.

Jen stays at home with the kids. She's very involved with her MOPS group, and she's a fantastic cook and baker. Her favorite book (and movie, for that matter) is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Her guilty pleasures include Survivor and ER.

Randy brings home the bacon (he works at T2 Systems), plays board and card games whenever he can, and maintains this website.

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